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Clarinetist Krista Martynes studied in the USA, Canada, and continued in Europe with the “Unanimous” First Prize from the National Conservatory of Paris, in France. She received a Masters and the Accademia Perosi in Italy, and a Masters in Musicology at the Paris VIII University. She is a researcher specializing in mixed media with live video and electronic possibilities and digital effects.

As a classical musician, Krista toured with the “Orchestres des Regions Européennes” and has performed in the Abbaye de Sylvanes, Abbayes aux Dames as well as toured France, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine, and China.

As a contemporary musician she was featured as a soloist at the Festival Acanthes in 2005 - 2006, Ircam Centre, Maison de la Musique in Nanterre and Theatre de Nantes in France, performed in the Musikprotokoll Festival in Italy, Klangspuren Festival and Transart Festival in Austria. She has participated in a documentary on the music of Luigi Nono in Venice.

As an improviser, she worked with Louis Sclavis at the Abbaye de Royaumont, Sylvain Kassap and Michel Massot with the Ensemble Transversale 20.21, Instant Composers Pool, Magpie Music and Dance Company in Amsterdam, and DesiDela dance company in Paris. She collaborated with sound artist Alexis O’Hara and video artist Dayna McLeod in the Edgy Women Festival in Montreal.

Krista is a Conn-Selmer Artist.



2012 Jean-François LAPORTE - Creation for bass clarinet, viole de gambe, bassoon and amplification
2012 Cassandra MILLER - Lungs for clarinet and tape
2012 Wolf EDWARDS - Um allein zu kämpfen for bass clarinet and live electronics
2012 Michael MATTHEWS - and the sky caught for clarinet, viola, and piano
2011 Adam BASANTA - Feelings I’m Too Tired for bass clarinet and live electronics
2011 Brian HARMAN - Enclosures for clarinet, viola and piano
2010 Bryan JACOBS - Ways for 2 bass clarinets and electronics
2009, 2010 Julien-Robert LEGAULT SALVAIL - Fit Into the Crowd, Refuge for bass clarinets, live video and electronics


Georges APERGHIS 280 - Mesures
Elliot CARTER - Gra
Edison DENISOV - Sonata
Franco DONATONI - Clair
Emily DOOLITTLE - Field Music
Brian FERNEYHOUGH - La Chute d'Icare
Vinko GLOBOKAR - Voix Instrumentalisée for bass clarinet solo
Paul HARVEY - 3 Studies on a Gershwin Theme
Michael JARELL - Assonance
Helmut LACHENMANN - Dal Niente
David LANG - Press Release for bass clarinet
Paul MEFANO - Tigre Involutive for Eb clarinet
Olivier MESSIAEN - Abime des Oiseaux
George OLAH - Sonata
William OSBORNE - Rhapsody
Jaques REBOTIER - Soif Aujourd'hui for bass clarinet
Giacanto SCELSI - Tre Studi for Eb Clarinet
Ixor, Kya, - Maknongan
Salvatore SCIARRINO - Let me Die Before I Wake
Johannes-Maria STAUD - Black Moon
Igor STRAVINSKI - Three Pieces
Gilles TREMBLAY - Compostelle I
Joan TOWER - Wings

Solo + Piano

Victor BABIN - Hillandale Waltz
Alban BERG - 4 pieces
Eugène BOZZA - Claribel
Johannes BRAHMS - Sonata no. 1
Johannes BRAHMS - Sonata no. 2
Claude DEBUSSY - Premiere Rhapsody
Max D'OLLONE - Fantaisie Orientale
Jonathan HARVEY - Transformations of Love Bade Me Welcome
Paul HINDEMITH - Sonata
Witold LUTOSLAWSKI - Dance Preludes
André MESSAGER - Solo de Concours
Robert MUCZYNSKI - Time Pieces
Claude PASCAL - Trois Légendes
Francis POULENC - Sonate
Camille SAINTS-SAENS - Sonata op. 167
Robert SCHUMANN - Fantasy Pieces
Jorg WIDMANN - Fünf Bruchstücke

Chamber Music

Johannes BRAHMS - Trio [cl.vcl.pf.]
Johannes BRAHMS - Quintet [cl.2vln. vla.vcl.]
Max BRUCH - 8 Pieces [cl.vla.pf.]
John CAGE - Living Room for four instruments
George CRUMB - Eleven Echoes of Autumn [cl.fl.vln.pf.]
Pascal DUSAPIN - To God [vox.cl.]
Manuela de FALLA - Concerto for harpsichord [fl.cl.ob.vln.vlc.]
Morton FELDMAN - Bass clarinet and Percussion
Emily HALL - 24 Horse Power [cl.vla.pf.]
Jonathan HARVEY - Chu [vox.cl.vcl.]
Aram KATCHITURIAN - Trio [cl.vln.pf.]
Gyorgy KURTAG - Homage à Robert Schumann
Ziad KREIDY - Luth Sans Cordes [cl.vla.pf.]
Helmut LACHENMANN - Trio Fluido [pc.cl.vla.]
Bruno MANTOVANI - Da Roma [cl.vla.pf.]
Felix MENDELSSOHN - Sonate for two clarinets and piano no. 2
Olivier MESSIAEN - Quartet for the End of Time [cl.vln.vcl.pf.]
Darius MILHAUD - Trio [cl.vln.pf.]
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART - Trio Kagelstatt [cl.vla.pf.]
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART - Clarinet Quintet
Francis POULENC - Sonata for two clarinets
Francis POULENC - Woodwind Sextet
Sergei PROKOFIEFF - Ouverture on a Hebrew Theme for clarinet, String Quartet, and piano
Wolfgang RHIM - Vier Studien Clarinet Quintet
Arnold SCHOENBERG - Pierrot Lunaire [vox.fl.cl/bcl.vln/vla.pf]
Robert SCHUMANN - Fairy Tales for [cl.vla.pf.]
Christopher TRAPANI - History by Moonlight [cl.vln.pf.]
Anton WEBERN - Trio [vox.cl.gt]
Iannis XENNAKIS - Charisma [cl.vlc.]
Iannis XENNAKIS - Plekto [fl.cl.vln/vlc.perc]

Solo Clarinet & Ensemble

Iannis XENAKIS - Échange for [bcl.ens]
Giacinto SCELSI - Kya [cl.ens]


John ADAMS - Gnarly Buttons
Malcolm ARNOLD - Concerto no. 2 Op. 115
Max BRUCH Double - Concerto [cl.vla.]
Aaron COPLAND - Concerto
John CORGLIANO - Concerto
Bernard CRUSSELL - Introduction & Variations on a Swedish Air
Claude DEBUSSY - Premiere Rhapsodie
Jean FRANCAIX - Concerto
Bruno MANTOVANI - Mit Ausdruck for bass clarinet and orchestra
Saverio MERCADENTE - Concerto in Bb Major
Wolfang MOZART - Concerto
Carl NIELSON - Concerto
Osvaldo GOLIJOV - "Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind" for solo clarinetist [scl.bh.bcl.]
Gioachino ROSSINI - Introduction, Theme & Variations
Salvatore SCIARRINO - Lo spazio inverso
Karl STAMITZ - Concerto No. 3
Karl STAMITZ - Concerto No. 10
Johannes STAMITZ - Concerto
Henri TOMASI - Concerto
Carl Maria von WEBER - Concertino in Eb maj. Op. 26
Carl Maria von WEBER - Concerto No. 1 Op. 73
Carl Maria von WEBER - Concerto No. 2 Op. 74


Clarinet and Tape

Pierre BOULEZ - Dialogue de l'Ombre Double (with spatialisation)
BERTRAND - Dikha for bass clarinet and tape
DOLDEN - In Bed Where the Moon was Sweating, Resonance #1
Rajmil FISCHMAN - ¡A Que No Me Quemas!
FOURCHETTE - Reparties
Francois-Bernard MACHE - Aulodie for Eb clarinet and tape
Vassos NICOLAOU - Blaue Baume for clarinet and electronics
Allison OGDEN - Attabi
Joao Pedro OLIVEIRA - Timshel for Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello and Tape
Steve REICH - New York Counterpoint
Judith SHATIN - Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing
SMALLEY - Clarinet Threads

Clarinet & Live Electronics

DURIEUX - Devenir for Clarinet and live electronics
Aaron EINBOND - Temper for bass clarinet and live electronics
Karlheinz ESSL - Sequitur II for bass clarinet and live electronics
Jonathan HARVEY - Rivercare Una Melodia for bass clarinet and live electronics
Juan Pedro OLIVEIRA - Time Spell for clarinet and live electronics
Stefan PRINS - A Short Walk through Time for clarinet, violin and live electronics
Zack SETTEL - Eschroadepipel for clarinet, bass clarinet and live electronics

Clarinet & Live Video

Julien-Robert LEGAULT-SALVAIL - Fit Into The Crowd, Refuge