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Electric Licorice

Krista Martynes was recently featured in a 6-city tour starting with a residency at the Open Space in Victoria, BC. With new commissions by Wolf Edwards and Cassandra Miller, the clarinet (affectionately called the licorice stick in some circles) came alive as its range and colours were expanded through the use of electronics and computer processing. This exciting concert also included works by David Lang, Zosha di Castri, Karlheinz Essl, as well as a BC premiere of Adam Basanta’s Feelings I’m Too Tired For.


A concert with works for clarinet, bass clarinet and live-electronics by P. Boulez, F. Donatoni, V. Globokar, S. Reich, Francois-Bernard Mache & Nicholas Tzortzis. This concert was produced by the ABOUT Centre in Athens, Greece in 2011. Dialogues+ is a music program for clarinet, bass clarinet and live-electronics. It includes works by European and American composers that adopt different, diverging aesthetic and philosophical views. The works presented at this concert highlight the audacious spectrum of the clarinet, as well as its influences and interaction with electronic technology, creating a charming and daring counterpoint. The concert is structured on a thematic schemas. On one side we have voice, breath, nature and its models, sound in itself, wholeness and its archetypes; one the other there is digital technology, recording, the symbolism and metaphors of occidental musical thought and the isolated event, and all these factors meet, collide and unite in uncountable dialectical relations.


Live Video Commission

Ongoing collaboration with Julien-Robert Legault Salvail, this piece was first commissioned by the SOUNDplay festival 2011 in Toronto, ON. Fit Into the Crowd and Refuge are two of a tryptic presented at various festivals throughout USA, Europe and Canada. View video >


Krista Martynes has recently received the Encore Grant from the American Composers Forum funding the 2010 Five-City Tour of CLAREMIX, performing Bryan Jacob's new piece WAYS for two bass clarinets and live electronics.


CLIQ : MUSIQ is an assemblage of artistic ingenuity at the brink in their fields unified by the domains of contemporary art. CLIQ:MUSIQ has a mission to produce spectacles of contemporary music creating original and artistic events which bring together the two aspects of live musicians and visual arts (video projection, contemporary dance, paintings, etc). These events amass the known talent in their fields with a unique personality, given their infinite possibility of artistic mixture, along with the maximum of public from all walks of life.

Trio '86

TRIO '86 brings integrity and vitality to their performances of both classical and contemporary music. Committed to breathing new life into the historical repertoire as well as commissioning and performing new works, their repertoire spans the entire history of music for clarinet, viola and piano, from Mozart to the composers of their own generation. Pillars of their classical programming include Mozart's Kegelstatt Trio (1786), Schumann's Fairy Tales (1853), Françaix's Trio (1990) and Kurtag's Hommage à Schumann (1990). The trio also performs new music using contemporary techniques such as: improvisation in Terry Riley's In C, graphic notation in Mauricio Kagel's Ludwig Van, and the adaptation of compositions from other genres, notably the music of Ornette Coleman.


Colorado Rockies Music Festival

Founded by Krista Martynes, the CRCMF is a mix of classical and world music, this chamber music festival brings together 7 curated events quintessential to the beautiful cultural rhythm of Colorado’s mountain life. This year’s festival will kick off the characteristic surroundings by featuring a guest ensemble collaborating with local artists in various venues. www.crcmf.com

Zadar Integrated Arts Festival

Accentuating the beautiful city of Zadar, ZIAF, the Integrated Arts Festival takes place in August 2013. As invited artists collude to bring their collaborations to the streets of Zadar, the public is invited to explore the optimism and sincerity of integrated arts from Europe and North America. Co-curated by Krista Martynes and Juraj Aras. www.ziaf.org